Review of Apple iOS 14, fresh features and ios 14 supported devices

The iOS 14 is the latest release of the iOS mobile operating system, a successor to iOS 13. The new OS has many exciting features that may not appear new at first glance but is significant to leave its imprint.

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The iOS 14 is the latest release of the iOS mobile operating system, a successor to iOS 13. The new OS has many exciting features that may not appear new at first glance but is significant to leave its imprint. 

There are numerous tweaks in features that have added value to successor making it more appealing and futuristic OS. Either you talk about the change in privacy-related features or FaceTime video calls, there are much to explore for users in iOS 14. Learn more about iOS 14 compatibility, its features and how to get iOS 14 here.  

14 Best Fresh Features Of iOS 14, 

Back Tap Custom Control Feature: The new iOS 14 update lets you tap the back of your phone to activate shortcuts and actions. The double or triple tap can be assigned on the back of the phone for things like taking a screenshot, open control centre, accessibility features like zoom etc, and a lot of other things. To try this feature, go to settings> accessibility. Tap Touch>Back touch. After this, tap Double or triple touch to pick an action. 

Mirror Front Camera Feature: This new iOS feature is a boon for all the selfie lovers out there. Generally, the front cameras show the mirror images and hence, the text flips. For example, the text written on your t-shirt flips horizontally in the photo. This feature sorts this problem. Just go to Settings, open Camera> Mirror Front Camera. 

Note – This feature might not work in older iPhones.

Set Of Privacy Features: Update iOS 14 has a set of new privacy and security features. You can review and take care of the apps that have access to your photos, contacts, microphone and others. Also, you can limit how apps track you and get privacy reports from safari i.e. the apps will ask for your consent before retrieving your local network and you can manage it according to your convenience and privacy. 

  • It is recommended to provide such apps as minimalist information as possible to safeguard your privacy.

Add On Captions To Photos: iOS 14 lets you affix captions to photos saved in the Photos app. It can be easily done with a few simple steps. Firstly, go to Photos and select the photo. Then swipe up that photo, you will notice a caption field where you can add a custom-built caption. The very advantage of this feature is that it is searchable text, that is, you can easily search your photo from a cluster of photos by searching the keywords since they are customized this way. 

Email Apps Features 8 To 14 And Default Browser: The new iOS 14 now provides the capability to set default browser and email apps. The process includes following fairly simple steps. Go to settings, look for the browser that you want to set as default. After this, tap Default Browser app, and set it as default. Likewise, if you don’t favour Apple mail, just repeat the same steps with the mail app that you would like to set as default. 

Use Volume Buttons As Camera Shortcuts: A quick take video is activated when you open the camera app and hold down the volume up or volume down button, which ends instantly as you release those buttons. In the update, it can be configured according to your preference. Just go to Settings>Camera and then Enable use volume up for burst. For example, you can add volume up to add burst more photos while volume down can still work as quick-take videos. 

Shortcuts For Wind Down And Sleep Mode: Introduction of sleep-related features is a key update in iOS 14 which majorly includes wind down and sleep mode. The feature includes a combination of automation, notification and tracking the user as they sleep. But its hidden part is the best aspect- it is possible to add the sleep mode as the shortcut to control centre. 

  • This can be done by Settings> Control centre> Enable Sleep Mode.

Private Address: This feature can be enabled by tapping the “i” button right next to the WiFi network, by going to the WiFi settings. It averts you from being traced across multiple WiFi networks. It is recommended to add it to all the networks that support it, as it adds a lot of privacy to your life. 

  • It should be taken into account that some wifi networks or routers will not support this feature and also a warning will be shown on your screen before enabling it. 

Trouble-Free Access To Date And Time: In iOS 14, gives you quick and easy dates selection process via calendar view style option. Hre you have to type the time instead of scrolling the wheel again and again to set the time. Earlier, it was difficult to change the date and type because of this wheel thing, which had to be moved repeatedly. 

Facetime Eye Contact Correction Feature: While receiving a facetime call, this feature automatically corrects the eyes as if you are looking in the camera, even if you are looking somewhere at the screen. It helps in establishing natural eye contact. This feature can be enabled by going to Settings> FaceTime> Eye Contact. And not to forget, this feature was original to be shipped with iOS 13. 

PiP Feature (Picture in Picture): Everyone has desired for this feature for so long. Ideally, when you are watching a video, and switch screen, then the picture should be playing in a minimized form rather than the video getting stopped. You can hide this also, but now finally, it’s your preference. 

Enhancement of Recordings: While recording audio messages, background noises and echo can be very irritating. This new feature of iOS 14 provides a solution to this issue. Voice memos help in enhancing audio recordings by minimizing the background sounds and suppressing the echo. Tap the wand icon on the top left on the Voice memos app. 

Long Press Back Button Feature: With the launch of this feature, you won’t have to swipe back, again and again, to get back where you started. You can press and hold the back button and check where are your main folders are, and you can go back to that page directly or quickly, 

Folder Creation In Voice Memos: The new feature in iOS 14 allows voice memos to create folders and organize the recordings. You can add a voice memo to a folder by choosing the file, tap the blue folder icon and select the folder where you want to move your file. Now, it is easier to find that particular voice memo, just by looking for it in the folder you’ve saved it. 

How To Get iOS 14 In Your Phone

Before knowing the process to get iOS in your phone, note that not all iPhones are compatible with iOS. iPhone older than 6s will not have its full version. If you think, your phone is compatible, learn here how to install it on the phone. 

  • Take the backup of your phone. It is the first thing you should while installing any operating system.
  • The second step is to download the setting page, then head to general. Here, you will find a button saying “Download and install”. Click on the button to download and install the iOS 14 on the phone. 
  • If you don’t see this button, the update has not come for your phone yet. You should check in the coming days.

Note – If you will search for download link of iOS 14, there is none. You can download it directly from your phone.

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