Scope of Multilevel Marketing In India and Top MLM Companies

Donald Trump in an interview said if he was to go bankrupt again in life, he would opt a network marketing business.

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Multilevel marketing is one of the most popular businesses among adults. About one in thirteen adults have participated in this business. Multilevel marketing in India also is popular and people are doing great in this field

Donald Trump in an interview said if he was to go bankrupt again in life, he would opt a network marketing business. This defines the success in multi-level marketing.

If multi-level somewhere attracts you, you have some questions about it, we have got you covered.

What is Multilevel Marketing?

The multilevel marketing or network marketing is also known by the name referral marketing, pyramid selling, etc.

This is a marketing strategy to sell services or products. In this strategy, the MLM company earns revenue from the distributor (they are the non-salaried workforce that sells products of the company or makes his/her team do the same).

The distributors on the hand earn money through pyramid shape they build and compensation commission of the company. Different companies in MLM have different marketing plans.

How Does Multilevel Marketing Works?

MLM is generally a network-based marketing scheme. In this business, you have to enrol more people under you and those people will add more people under them to create a pyramid structure. The person on the top receives multiple types of income from the team he has built over time, in addition to commissions that the company pays.

The distributors, on the other hand, get money either by selling product at a good margin or earning small commissions from their team. A distributor can earn well in network marketing by associating more and more people with them.

The best part about multilevel marketing is that the recruiting distributor would never want his recruits to leave the business. To keep his team working and active, the top distributors provide all kinds of training to new joinees. They give all business success related tips to them so that they can just copy their seniors and grow big.

The worst part of multilevel marketing is that many top distributors earning good in the company, show a fantasy world to joinee by hiding the real challenges of the marketing plan.

This business also asks initial investment. People blindly following the words of the distributor, invest their hard-earned money. But later when they realize they are not a good fit for the work, their money, efforts and time all go waste.

Additionally, fraud companies also come and allure people by showing them good-paying marketing plans. Many cases have come into the notice where large companies working at the national level have windup their business all of a sudden leaving their distributor behind to face all the heat. 

Therefore, if you are interested in multilevel marketing, do thorough research on the company background and its marketing plan.  

Top Benefits Of Joining A MLM Company

Income Potential: The best part of MLM is that there is no limit of earning. Once you have trained yourself with the proper set of skills you can make money as much as you desire. Here, only the sky is the limit.

Relationships: When you add more people under you and help them in this business, it makes your relationship with people very friendly and healthy. You make a lot of friends here. You increase your social life.

Residual Income: In this business, you earn more and work less by building your downline. Due to this you will be financially stable and enjoy more than any 9 to 5 job.

Low Investment: In this business, your start-up costs are very low comparing to other traditional businesses and this cost is not even close to what you will earn.

Training: In this business, you will be surrounded by many mentors who will help you throughout the process. That’s why you don’t need to have a lot of experience or business background to do this business. There is a famous saying in this profession that “you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself”.

Top Multilevel Marketing Companies

Amway India: Amway sells many personal and health care products through marketing. It is one of the oldest MLM companies in India. It is known for its quality products. There are no registration fees to join the Amway network.

Herbalife: This is a US-based MLM company operating in India. Herbalife sells nutritional supplements made out of herbs and fruits. In this company, you earn money by selling the products not recruiting people.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited: It was established in the year 2013 in Chennai. This company offers a good range of quality lifestyle products. Its revenue currently is more than 1500 crores. You don’t have to pay registration fees for joining this MLM network.

Forever Living: it is also a US-based MLM company. Forever Living offers Aloe Vera based products. In this company also you earn money by selling products not by recruiting people. There is no joining fee in this company.

Modicare: It is one of the fastest-growing Indian MLM companies. It offers products from categories like skin care, wellness, home care etc. In this company also you earn money by selling products and your commission is based on your level in this organization.

MLM is legal in India. If you are interested in MLM marketing in India, join companies that are listed in Indian Direct Selling Association. IDSA is a regulatory body for MLM companies. However, before you join any MLM company, do proper research on it.


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