Biology Degrees: Courses For Biology Students After 12th Class

Biology students have numerous courses to choose after 12th other than medical. Know which BSc courses are best for biology students.

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When my daughter passed 10th, she opted biology, choosing the science stream. While selecting biology in plus 2, she had no idea what she will do with it after 12th. Medical was an obvious choice but neither she was interested in the medical field nor she had an inclination towards field related to the arts. Maths—-it was always been scary for her. So, having Biology, chemistry and physics in hand, she perceived she doesn’t have many options in the non-medical field. She searched everywhere about biology courses MBBS, B.Pharmacy, BDS Bachelor of Physiotherapy, B.Sc.Nursing, B.Sc. Courses after 12th in India. But there was hardly any help present.

At last, she looked on us for the advice on some professional courses after 12th. That time I decided to dig in and find all the higher education options for biology students after 12th. I got to know about a number of courses, which I’m sharing here.

Biology students have numerous courses to choose after 12th other than medical. Know which BSc courses are best for biology students.

Courses After 12th For Biology Students 

Medical – The first dream of a biology student is to go in the medical field. And to no wrong, the medical field is the best option for biology students, however, it is also a fact that MBBS is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially in India. Here, Medical study is not only tough, critical but also lengthy and expensive. So, the students who can’t do MBBS because of any reason have other options such as, BHMS, BAMS, BDS, Nursing, optometrists, pharmacist, etc. Most of these courses are 3-4 years degree courses and offer a lucrative career in the respective fields.

Agriculture Courses After 12th

Agriculture is the mainstay of India’s economy, still, when it comes to studying this subject, only a handful number of students take interest in it and colleges offer +2 and higher education program in the subject. But, agriculture offers great career opportunities not just in India but globally. Dairy, horticulture, poultry, farming are the subjects taught in the BSc and MSc program. 

Ample scope of research and innovation is present in this field. Name of courses that universities offering to agriculture students are:

BSc in agriculture, agricultural Eco and farm management, agricultural biotechnology, agricultural meteorology, agricultural statistics, biochemistry and agricultural chemistry, agriculture marketing and business management, crop physiology, entomology, Hons in agriculture.

All these courses have postgraduation and research programs as well in selected institutions.

Forensic Science After 12th

Forensic science experts are the one who collects evidence at the crime science. They use basic science principles to carry out the operation. The field also offers job opportunities globally. To make a career in the field, the following courses are available.

BSc in forensic science, life science, forensic science, chemistry, diploma in forensic science for police personnel, criminology, diploma or graduation program in ballistics and fingerprints, diploma in forensic science, diploma in computer forensic.

Food Technology Courses After 12th

As the world has become one, people’s eating habit has also changed. A food cultivated in one country is now available in a deprived country of the same food. How this is happening? All because of food technology. Food technology experts have a scientific understanding of food. Thus, they are able to pack and preserve it for a long time. If you get a degree in the same field, many doors of opportunity will open for you.

BSc in food processing, food preservation and processing, food processing and technology, food storage, food tech and preservation, food technology, diploma in fish processing technology, sugar technology.

Zoology Courses After 12th

Zoology is the branch of biology that involves the study of animals. It is a diverse field and offers lots of career options. It also involves the study of animals living or extinct. Studying the subject students get the opportunity to work as zoologist, ornithologist etc. Courses for the same are

BSc in zoology, BSc Hons Zoology, aquaculture (fishery microbiology), animal biotechnology and advanced zoology and biotechnology.

Geology Courses After 12th

It is a subject involve the study of earth, organisms and other things related to the same. It also comprises of study related to oceanography, geostatistics and hydrogeology. Studying the subject students get the opportunity to work as environmental consultants, natural resource consultant, work in Non-profit organization, in organizations like Geological Survey of India, etc

BSc in geology, Hons geology, environmental geology, geology groundwater and engineering geology.

Biotechnology Courses After 12th

Biotechnology has become very advanced today offering ample work options to graduates and postgraduates in the same field. After taking the course in the field, you get the opportunity to work in the fields like environment, energy and chemical, pharmaceutical, etc. Courses for the same are

BSc in biotechnology, engineering in biotechnology, diploma in biotechnology, B.Tech Industrial Biotechnology.

Nutrition Courses After 12th

The health industry is booming more than ever since. And so the career in the field of nutrition. Biology students have a great career option as a nutritionist or nutrition expert. Courses for the same are:

BSc in nutrition, clinical nutrition, food science, public nutrition, food technology,

After taking the nutrition course of three years or five years, students have to do an internship of 6 months in a certified health institution and then apply for registration as a nutritionist or dietician.

Top universities in India and foreign offering aforementioned courses organize competitive exams for biology students after 12th. Only those students are absorbed in these institutions who qualifies the exam. Therefore, biology students should prepare a roadmap of what they have to do after 12th right from 11th class, so that, they don’t waste their precious time and year.

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