Best Recycle Clothing Ideas: Here is the creative way to use old clothes to make new outfits

Pandemic has locked all of us in our houses. But what about the festive season, only a few days are left in the beginning of carnival around the world, the idea is, be smart, creative and start repurposing clothes to get festival ready.

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Pandemic has locked all of us in our houses. But what about the festive season, only a few days are left at the beginning of carnival around the world. There is a threat outside, so can’t go shopping in the market, and limited money left that can’t be spent on online shopping. Learn how to reuse old clothes into new clothes without sewing.

Fashionistas says, not indulging in buying clothes is the mantra everyone should follow this festive season. They say this is not the time to go in excess, we should learn to do in what we have. So, if you don’t wanna go out this season for shopping new outfits, no issues, you might still be having enough in your wardrobe to show since almost all of us have been sitting at home and outfits kept folded in wardrobe.

So, cudgel your brain to figure out what you can do with your elementary outfit to give it a new look. The elementary outfits are one that goes around with anything. E.g. your skirt, jeans, saree, etc. There are many ways you can upcycle your old dress to give it a new look. For e.g., if you have old jeans, stitch it into a skirt or handbag, shorts, capree anything that you want to wear in the party. You can wear the same old T-shirt in many different styles to look fabulous, that is how to reuse old clothes into new clothes

You can even take your husband’s oversized shirt or T-shirt to make a new outfit. You just need to be creative. And remember, in the world of fashion, everything works.

Follow the blogs of fashion designers, models to understand how they work with their wardrobe. A small tear in shirt doesn’t make it useless. You can use your creativity to wear it in different styles.  

How To Start Repurpose Or Upcycle Old Clothes

The first step is decluttering. Take out clothes from your wardrobe that you know you don’t wear, and separate them in categories, like bottom, T-shirts, dresses, dupattas, etc. Now take the main piece and start working around. If you want an outfit for a traditional occasion, then pick the main piece and think about what can go best with it. E.g. you can combine saree with a crop top, can drap it like a lehenga, work with a blouse to give a new appearance.

Similarly, you can work with a skirt as well. Wear it with different types of tops to give it a new look. There are many ways present. Most importantly, don’t follow any celebrity or designer while reusing your cloth.

Each body is different, it is not necessary that something looking good on someone will work for you as well. Understand your body type before experimenting. Learn how to reuse old clothes into new clothes from different places. This will give you some really smart ideas.

Important Points To Remember While Reusing or Repurposing

  1. Segregate your cloth to know what you own.
  2. Organize everything to pick elementary outfits comfortably.
  3. Pick one dress at one time and start working around.
  4. Take pictures in the dress you decide, and show it to loved one to cross-check if you are going right.
  5. Don’t follow any trend, design your own outfit.

 In the pandemic, be creative and control your spending. The economy has been hit hard and it will take time to revive. Living in limited will leave money in your pocket.

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