Pubg Alternative Games: The Gaming Industry Has A Lot More To Offer

What if PUBG is no more gaming industry has a variety of alternatives to fill the void left by the game

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The government of India recently banned 118 Chinese apps keeping in mind the integrity and safety of millions of its users in the country including the most popular PUBG mobile app.

The ministry banned the PUBG mobile app and PUBG mobile lite from both the Google play store and the iOS platform. But online gaming is something that gaming lover can’t live without. Now, people are searching for online games like PUBG for android and iOS.  

So, what if PUBG is no more gaming industry has a variety of alternatives to fill the void left by the game. Find online games like PUBG that offer the same level of entertainment and thrill.


This game is a first-person shooter video game offered by Activision. The game edition call of duty modern warfare was released in 2019 on 25th October. It is continuously becoming popular among gamers.

The game provides a realistic and modern setting to the player, which makes it interesting to play. For the campaign, they took influence from real-life conflicts such as the Syrian civil war and the terrorist’s attacks in London.

It is battle royale game which also has a zombie mode has received praise for its gameplay, story, multiplayer and graphics. Because of its excellent interface, the game has won the best online multiplayer game award in 2019. Although it isn’t as elaborate as PUBG it surely is a good alternative to PUBG. It is available for free on both android and iOS. The best online PUBG like game for android non-Chinese.  


It was developed by epic games (an American developer of games and software) and released in 2017. It game has three distinct modes using the same engine, art assets, game mechanics and similar graphics.

The player can build fortifications such as walls, floors and stairs while playing. Players are encouraged to be inventive in building their fortifications as they allow you to get a cover during combat and save yourself. This makes it different from PUBG in terms of aesthetics. It is available for free on iOS and android. This is one of the best PUBG alternative non-Chinese game.


The game is known as free fire battlegrounds. 111 dots studio is the developer of this game while published by Garena, available for android and iOS. It is a popular game and has recorded on its name of being the most downloaded mobile game worldwide in 2019.

This game is an online action-adventure and played in a third-person perspective. It is a multiplayer game, and offer the same level of thrill as PUBG. Another reward for the game is, it has won the “best popular vote game category” in 2019.

BUTTER ROYALE                  

It is another game that gives a tough competition to PUBG. Developed by mighty bear games studio. It is an excellent online game for children and young adults. But unlike PUBG, this game is clean and doesn’t involve fightings and blood-shedding.

It is colourful and the characters are adorable. This game has its own weird styles, and come with top-down view. 32 players can play in this game at one time. This game is a not a PUBG alternative but yes, offer lots of fun and excitement to players.

So, the aftermath of the ban on people’s favourite PUBG isn’t all bad news. Since gaming in India has moved from being a pastime to establishing itself as a robust industry.

The recent ban on PUBG has opened doors for the various other gaming companies. So let’s take a dip into the unexplored world of gaming and unfold its pages.

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