Irritable Bowel Syndrome: IBS Symptoms, Cause and Treatment

Irritable bowel syndrome, short name IBS is a stomach disorder that millions of Americans are suffering from.

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Irritable bowel syndrome, short name IBS is a stomach disorder that millions of Americans are suffering from. If you are experiencing some stomach disorder, then here we are discussing everything about irritable bowel syndrome that will help you identify if you are suffering from the same. Because half of the people suffering from syndrome have not been diagnosed.

Major Symptoms of IBS

  • Pain in the abdomen, bloating or cramping that usually go off after bowel movement.
  • Excess gas
  • Alternative bout of constipation and diarrhoea
  • Presence of mucus in stool

Most people suffering from IBS disorder experience discomfort in a gap that improves after a few days.

Four Major Cause Of IBS

Stronger Or Lighter Intestine Muscle Contraction – The intestine wall has a lining of muscle that contract and relaxes to move food in the intestine forward. This movement is called peristalsis. The person suffering from IBS either have higher or lower muscle contraction and relaxation movement. The contraction that stays for a longer time cause bloating, gas or diarrhoea. Slow or weak intestinal contraction can slow down the food movement that leads to the dry stool in the intestine.

Abnormality In Nervous System – Poor translation of signal between brain and intestine disturbs the smooth functioning of the food movement in the intestine leading to discomfort.

Inflammation – One of the reasons for the occurrence of IBS is having an inflamed intestinal wall. Wrong eating habit, excess consumption of acidic foods cause inflammation in the intestine that disturbs the normal functioning of the stomach. Many people suffering from IBS have been identified to have more number of immune-system cells. People having this condition suffer from diarrhoea and pain.

Severe Infection – In many people, IBS develops after a severe bout of diarrhoea. This causes because of virus or bacteria infection that goes in the intestine via unhealthy food.

What Triggers IBS Symptoms

People suffering from disorder experience discomfort in a gap of time. Many reasons trigger the symptom. If they work on the reason, they can avoid IBS attack.

Food – Certain foods cause discomfort to people suffering from IBS. The relation between food and IBS is subjective. However, most people experience severe IBS discomfort when they eat or drink dairy products, citrus fruit, wheat, cabbage, carbonated drink and being. These foods are considered as FODMAP. FODMAP food contain hard to digest carbohydrates.

Stress – In many people, the symptoms of IBS get worse when they encounter stress. Although stress elevates IBS symptoms, it is not the cause of this disorder.

Hormonal Changes – Women suffer from IBS disorder more than men. One of the reasons is the change in hormones. Women experience hormonal changes more frequently than men because of their menstrual cycle.

How To Deal With IBS Symptoms

Identify Food That Triggers Ibs And Avoid It – find out FODMAP food and avoid it in your daily meal.

Exercise To Reduce Stress – Stress and digestion have a close connection. Include exercises like yoga to reduce stress and keep your gut healthy.

Take The Help Of Counselor – You can take help of diet counsellor to understand your body response to foods you eat and take action accordingly to curb IBS symptoms.

After reading this article if you feel you are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, then do not delay. Consult your Healthcare practitioner to know your gut status because only half of the IBS cases go undiagnosed in the country like America.

Disclaimer: The information shared about IBS here is general. If you feel you are suffering from IBS disorder or allergic to certain food, then consult your health practitioner. Follow any of the advice shared here after consultation only.

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